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Ettekette is a human-centric haircare brand established by Kettia Fenestor, offering various hair solutions at reasonable prices. Kettia believes that women have to deal with hair problems on regular bases. Being a hairstylist for 13+ years and a makeup artist for considerable years, the founder felt compelled to address the need for hair problems and, in turn, provide the best solution. As is apparent, the solution is here. Ettekette products have absolute zero catch, created from a Vegan formula.

You have every right to enjoy the virtues of luxury in the form of raw human hair extensions that label quality in every strand. These products products can be altered to any color or texture preferred Due to the wide variety of colors, lengths, textures, and curl patterns available in our salon-quality extensions, Kettia’s Mane Fetish hair extensions are designed for both professional hairstylists and hair extension enthusiasts worldwide.

Quality And Kettia

Every Kettia extension collection is produced with twice-drawn, 100% premium Remy human hair that lasts up to a year by an up-and-coming hair brand. For outstanding changes on the majority of hair types, we provide the thickest hair, shed-proof technology, and damage-free extensions.

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Our Blogs

Our Blogs

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Tape-in extensions: what are they ?

The most widely used type of hair extension now available is tape-ins. Thin tape wefts,1-inch-wide and pre-taped, are used as tape in hair extensions and are sandwiched between your own hair in bonds. In salons all around the world, this form of hair extension is the most popular. This procedure is entirely natural, lasts up to three months, doesn’t include any tools or chemicals, and the hair can be used again! Applying a complete head without causing any damage takes less than an hour.

Will using tape do damage to my own hair?

This process won’t harm your hair if installed and maintained correctly. There are neither chemicals nor equipment needed; it is all-natural. For the greatest application, we advise employing one of our Certified Stylists. To ensure that the product will function well and cause no damage, please consult a skilled professional with experience applying the tape.

Can I go about my regular business, such as taking a shower or swimming?

Yes, you can get a blowout and wash your hair without damaging your seamless extensions. As long as the scalp does not become very oily, the bonding will remain because our thick tape is incredibly resilient and long-lasting. Strong, high-quality tape is available from us. You won’t need to worry about your extensions coming out, whether swimming, working out, or traveling.

My hair extensions, can I dye them?

You can, indeed. All of our collections can be colored because all of our hair is 100% real hair. Just keep in mind that only semi- or demi-permanent hair dye should be used.